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Template for a service provider: Instructions for use

  1. Extract template part of this HTML page - the part between the horizontal rules - and save it as a separate HTML page.
  2. Remove the italicized text from the righthand column of the table and fill out the appropriate information instead.
  3. Install the resulting page on your web server.
  4. Post a message on the OAI-PMH Google Group with the URL of the completed template and a request to be included in the list of OAI-PMH service providers.
  5. The Open Archives initiative will list the URL of your completed service provider template at http://www.openarchives.org/service/listproviders.html

Open Archives Initiative: Information about this service provider

Service (template) Implementer Description
Full name of service linked to homepage
(Link to this template on your site)
Name of organization operating the service, linked if desired Describe the type of service, facilities offered, content coverage, etc.

Data providers from which this service harvests

List data providers from which your service harvests or the policies by which they are selected. If appropriate include both the repositoryName and baseURL (cf. Identify protocol request) for data providers harvested from.

Supporting information

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