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This page lists parties that provide services based on metadata that is harvested using the OAI metadata harvesting protocol. Service providers are encouraged to fill out this template and include it on their web site. We will link to it from this page.

Service Implementer Description
Americanae La Biblioteca de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID Library) Americanae aggregates metadata to create a European portal to gather documentation on Latin America existing in various European institutions and the rest of the world.
ARA Aggregator of Croatian Repositories and Archives (template) SRCE - University of Zagreb University Computing Centre ARA aggregates metadata from Croatian OAI-PMH compliant repositories and archives (institutional repositories, journal archives, proceedings, scientific data, web archives) and provides user interface for searching and browsing of aggregated metadata.
BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (template) Bielefeld University Library BASE integrates scientific OAI-resources as one information type among others into the local digital library environment, together with catalogues, article databases, digitised collections. The search interface features many characteristics of internet search engines, thus offers a new type of search interface for a local digital library. BASE uses the search technology of FAST Search & Transfer. To learn more about the project see http://www.base-search.net/about_project_english.html
Clio-i Service Provider of Science Documents (template) Liber Laboratory, UFPE, Brazil The Clio-i is a system to colect informations from anywhere repository which follow the OAI-PMH protocol. It can havester complete documents, offering simple and advanced search engine, document visualization, use of video, audio, text, and image archives for the users. In this case, it colect information about science from OAI repositories.
CYCLADES (template) European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) CYCLADES is a system, designed to provide an open collaborative virtual archive environment, which (among others) supports users, communities (and their members) with functionality for (i) advanced SEARCH in large, heterogeneous, multidisciplinary OAI compliant digital archives (ii) COLLABORATIVE work; and (iii) FILTERING and RECOMMENDATION of records, users, communities and collections. CYCLADES allows users to register any OAI archive to CYCLADES, which then will be automatically harvested and indexed.
Directory and OAI Harvester (template) Ministerio de Cultura de España (Ministry of Culture of Spain) Two diferent applications. On one side, a Directory about the projects and initiatives of digitalization existing in Spain. On the other side, a Harvester of the same records gathered from some of those databases and that can be consulted jointly the web address of these will always be provided to a ccess the digitized document, by using Metadata harvesting techniques.
DL-Harvest University of Arizona DL-Harvest is a federated archive, a service of DLIST. It brings together full-text, scholarly materials in the Information Sciences from many different OAI-PMH compliant repositories.
DP9 (template) Old Dominion University DP9 is an open source gateway service that allows general search engines, like Google, to index OAI-compliant archives. It stands between the crawler and the archive, intercepts the crawler's requests, forwards them to the archive, and translates the archive's output from XML into HTML. This allows OAI archives hidden in the deep Internet to be indexed by search engines that don't venture into the deep internet. DP9 also supports OAI name resolution and service linking.
Xunta de Galicia Galiciana is a project promoted by the Xunta de Galicia and in which other heritage institutions of the Community participate, which makes it the largest directory and collector of cultural heritage in Galicia.
The collection consists of a wide variety of books, newspapers, issues, archival documents, photographs, maps, etc .; that are collected thanks to digitization projects to preserve the cultural heritage and to spread it among the citizens.
GAVO data center searchable VO Registry
Zentrum für Astronomie, Universität Heidelberg and the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory The GAVO data center runs a searchable registry for the Virtual Observatory, enabling discovery of services publishing astronomical data. In addition to a web interface giving access to the harvested data, clients can also directly query the underlying database using IVOA's RegTAP standard.
GEO-LEO (template en, de) Lower Saxony State and University Library Göttingen (SUB) and the University Library "Georgius Agricola" of the Technische Universitt Bergakademie Freiberg (UBF) The Virtual Library GEO-LEO (www.geo-leo.org) offers searching and browsing in about 6 million earth sciences and mining related bibliograhphic records. GEO-LEO is also a Service Provider harvesting repositories with the above mentioned thematic content. The GEO-LEO Web-Interface allows a one stop retrieval and access to full textes from repositories, librarian catalogues and other databases. GEO-LEO and GEO-LEOe-docs are performed by the Lower Saxony State and University Library Göttingen (SUB) and the University Library "Georgius Agricola" of the Technische Universitt Bergakademie Freiberg (UBF). The Project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).
Harvester@UABT: Harvester of University of Tlemcen Algeria (template) University of Tlemcen, Algeria Harvester@UABT is a system to collect informations from anywhere repository which follow the OAI-PMH protocol. It can harvester complete documents and provides users with the facility for searching across multiple archives with results ranked according to many criteria. It's offering simple and advanced search engine.
iCite (template) iCite An automatic citation indexing system covering physics journals.
MeIND (template) Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen The Service-Provider covers all subjects form different data-providers in Germany. The Pub-Types include doctoral theses, diploma, articles, magazines and digitised materials.
METALIS (template) AEPIC Project METALIS is a Service Provider for the Library and Information Science field. We harvest metadata from institutions that offer full-text papers and documents about Library and Information Science
NCSTRL (template) Old Dominion University
University of Virginia
Virginia Tech
NCSTRL provides unified access to technical reports and eprints from computer science departments, institutes and laboratories. This is an OAI-based implementation of the NCSTRL project (see Davis & Lagoze, JASIS 51(3) for a full history of the original NCSTRL project). This version replaces the Dienst architecture and protcol with the OAI metadata harvesting protocol.
NORA (template) Norwegian Open Research Archive Covers repositories from universities and university colleges in Norway plus some research institutes. List of harvested data providers at http://www.duo.uio.no/publ/NORA/NORAprovider.html
OAIster University of Michigan Libraries Digital Library Production Service OAIster provides a search service on OAI archives. You can learn more about a particular institution's collection at oaister.umdl.umich.edu/viewcolls.html.
OASIC (template) CCSD OASIC is a search engine for french articles, memories and thesis in Communication and Information Sciences. It provides a single point of access to a significant number of Open Archives in these areas.
Openarchives.eu (template) Horizons Unlimited srl (Bologna, Italy) Openarchives.eu is the European guide to OAI-PMH compliant digital repositories in the world. This is not a search engine to find metadata stored in the repositories but a searchable index of the repositories themselves. This portal uses repositories and collection descriptions harvested from the University of Illinois OAI-PMH Data Provider Registry. The search engine and other editorial contents that complete the originary database have been developed by Horizons Unlimited srl (Bologna, Italy)
A section on "Digital Objects" allows metadata searching through a number of other service providers (OAIster, arXiv, RePEc, CiteSeer, NCSTRL, PubMed Central, Pleiadi). We also offer Google searching of all the repositories' web sites through Google Co-op.
Perseus (template) Perseus The Perseus system harvests registered OAI repositories and incorporates the information into its search interface.
PIONEER Digital Libraries Federation (template) Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center Digital Libraries Federation is another step in building a network of distributed digital libraries and repositories in Poland. FBC service name reflects its character - the service is a set of advanced network services based on digital resources available in Polish digital libraries and repositories running on PIONIER. These resources are co-created by many academic institutions and the public, such as universities, libraries, archives, museums and research centers. FBC service is maintained by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, and is responsible for the development of PSNC Digital Libraries Team.
Public Knowledge Harvester (template) U. of British Columbia Discipline-specific OAI metadata harvesting service.
PLEIADI: Portale per la Letteratura scientifica Elettronica Italiana su Archivi aperti e Depositi Istituzionali (template) The CASPUR and CILEA cosortia PLEIADI project aims at building a national platform that offers centralized access to the scholarly literature archived in Italian repositories.
Repository Explorer Virginia Tech An interactive, web-based tool to test repositories for compliancy with various levels of the Open Archives Initiative Protocol.
SAIL-Eprints (template) CNR - Area della Ricerca di Bologna SAIL-eprints (Search, Alert, Impact and Link) is an electronic open access service provider for finding scientific or technical documents, published or unpublished, in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Materials Sciences, anotechnologies, Microelectronics, Computer Sciences, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Earth Sciences, Meteorology, Oceanography, Agriculture, and related application activities. SAIL-eprints has been designed primarily to collect information on scientific documents (metadata) authored by CNR researchers and deposited as preprints or postprints in CNR institutional open access archives. Also, SAIL-eprints collects metadata from other data repositories all over the world publishing materials in the same scientific fields.
Sheet Music Consortium (template) UCLA The Sheet Music Consortium is a group of libraries working toward the goal of building an open collection of digitized sheet music using the Open Archives Initiative:Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. Harvested metadata about sheet music in participating collections is hosted by the UCLA Digital Library Program, which provides an access service via this metadata to sheet music records at the host libraries. Member institutions and data providers have chosen to catalog their sheet music in different ways, but a very large proportion of the original sheets in participating collections has been digitized, allowing users direct access to the music itself and - in many cases - covers and advertisements that offer evidence of the cultural context in which the songs were published.
SuUB Bremen State and University Library Bremen The State and University Library Bremen - Germany offers a library catalogue called SuUB Bremen, where selected OAI-data providers are included. The search engine delivers record about localized library ressources of print and electronic materials (books, journals, doctoral thesis, articles, magazines, reports, etc.).
Data-providers include: arXiv.org, bieSOn, Humboldt University of Berlin, Australian National University EPrints2 Archive, Elektronische Publikationen der Universität München, Münster University, Oldenburg University, PANGAEA, Library of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg, BioMed Centra, and PubMed Central.
Université Numérique Ingénierie et Technologie (template) UNIT is an association supported by the French Ministry for Education and Research The UNIT Consortium associates all the public and private French actors of Higher Education in Sciences, Engineering and Technology for sharing existing digital learning ressources, tools and experiences.
One of the main goals is to publish on the Web a large set of digital Learning Objects for improving quality and visibility of the Education and Training Curricula provided by the UNIT partners.