For immediate release September 29, 2003


Open Archives Initiative and Project RoMEO Initiate OAI-rights


Ithaca, NY, Los Alamos NM & Loughborough UK—The Open Archives Initiative and Project RoMEO  announce the formation of OAI-rights.  The goal of this effort is to investigate and develop means of expressing rights about metadata and resources in the OAI framework. The result will be an addition to the OAI implementation guidelines  that specifies mechanisms for rights expressions within the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).

The area of rights expressions is wide-open with many organizations proposing languages and mechanisms. Therefore, the OAI-rights effort will aim to be extensible, providing a general framework for expressing rights statements within OAI-PMH. These statements will target both the metadata itself and the resources described by that metadata. In the context of this broader framework, OAI-rights will use Creative Commons licenses  as a motivating and deployable example.

A white paper describing the scope and issues in OAI-rights is available at

OAI-rights work will begin in September 2003, with completion of specifications planned for second quarter 2004. A preliminary timeline for the work is as follows:

September 2003  Announcement of OAI-rights and formation of technical group
End of January 2004  release of alpha specification to controlled group.
End of March 2004  release of beta specification to general public
End of April 2004  final specification release.

The members of the OAI-rights working group are:

Caroline Arms <> - Library of Congress
Chris Barlas <> - Rightscom
Tim Cole <> - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mark Doyle <> - American Physical Society
Henk Ellermann <> - Erasmus Electronic Publishing Initiative
John S. Erickson <> - Hewlett/Packard DSpace
Elizabeth Gadd <> - Project RoMEO/Loughborough University
Brian Green <> - EDItEUR
Chris Gutteridge <> - of Southampton
Carl Lagoze <> - OAI/Cornell University Information Science
Mike Linksvayer <> - Creative Commons
Uwe Mueller <> - Humboldt University Berlin
Michael L. Nelson <> - OAI/Old Dominion University Computer Science
John Ober <> - California Digital Library
Charles Oppenheim <> - Project RoMEO/Loughborough University
Sandy Payette <> - FEDORA/Cornell University Information Science
Andy Powell <> - UKOLN
Steve Proberts <> - Project RoMEO/Loughborough University
Herbert Van de Sompel <> - OAI/Los Alamos National Laboratory
Simeon Warner <> - OAI/arXiv/Cornell University Information Science

OAI-rights organizing Committee:

Carl Lagoze, Herbert Van de Sompel, Michael Nelson, Simeon Warner (for the OAI) Elizabeth Gadd, Steve Probets (for Project RoMEO)


Carl Lagoze; & Herbert Van de Sompel;  The OAI Executive.

  September 29, 2002

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